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24 November 2006 @ 10:14 am
Where: TC: Max's room
Who: Max and whoever else shows up

"You stupid coward," Max hissed to herself. She had watched the newsbroadcast, had seen everyone turn to her in panic. She had stayed them, promising to come up with a plan, doing all she could to calm them down. And then? She'd run to her room.

Max paced her small room, having no clue what to do next. Wondering how she had become the leader in what was looking to become a time of war. "Why can't they just leave us the hell alone!?" No matter what happened, the government would always be on their asses, hunting them down until there was nothing left.

Max stopped and pounded her fist into her hands. "Not this time. This time, we finish it."

She sat on her bed and heard movement outside her door in the hallway. Not wanting visitors, she still opened her door to see Ben and Kali, hands clasped, outside her door.

"Come in," she said.
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21 November 2006 @ 08:20 pm
Location: Televisions of Terminal City
Who: Brenda Nickelson

"The siege at Terminal City may have subsided for the time being, but the Transgenic approval rating shows not sign of increasing. Popular opinion concludes these 'mutants,' as they are being referred as among the populace, is that they should be sent back to the military organizations that created them and dealt with there. Perhaps even 'put down.'

"Two days ago a debate was held between the Transgenic activist Logan Cale and the quite outspoken Anti-Transgenic leader, Ames White. Ames, most known for his media circus as he officially testified to the existence of transgenics and the government cover-up, spoke with fire in his voice as he spoke of eradicating the transgenics as they pose a threat to humanity as we know it. Pre-pulse Associated Press reporter, Logan Cale, remained calm through the bulk of Ames's tirade, raising his voice only when Ames suggested that transgenics were the cause of the recent disease break-out in Seattle's China district.

"The debate ended with all those in attendance shouting at each other and sector cops using the force required to subdue the crowd. 25 were arrested, one was tragically trampled to death by the angry mob.

"In response to the transgenic crisis of Terminal City, government officials have sworn military aid. The mission of these troops has yet to be disclosed. Is the military here to reclaim their merchandise? We won't have long to wait as they are to arrive two weeks from now.

"In education, Kindergarteners around town...."
16 November 2006 @ 02:58 am
Where: TC
When: late morning, 2 days later
Who: Ben and Kali

It took Ben a couple of days to settle himself into Terminal City.  He found the shower rooms in the old gym, and used them in the pre-dawn hours when almost nobody else was up and about.  He avoided groups or even individuals, though there were enough reports of people catching glimpses of him that there was no fear he'd gone back over the fence.  He hit the kitchens at least once a day, grabbed food and carried it off to eat elsewhere.  

A few people who think they're funnier than they are started referring to him as "Alec's ghost," and he was almost stealthy enough for it to be true.

Sometimes he caught a few hours of sleep in Max's room, but for the most part it was somewhere else, though nobody was sure where.

He kept an eye out for the people he knew, Max and Alec and Kali, but there were so many people in TC and so few he trusted, and he didn't run into any of them by chance.

And then Kali saw him, on the roof of the building across the alley from the one she was in.  He was moving through a long set of martial arts moves at quarter-speed, building balance and core strength.  When he reached the end he began again, this time at human-fast, his motions sharp, controlled.  At the end of that set he started the same series again, punctuating the strikes and blocks with little bursts of blur-speed.  He made it a little over halfway through the third group before he fell to his knees, breathing hard, his hands on the roof's gravel to keep from falling over.  

Even from as far away as she was, Kali could see the grin of triumph on his lips. 
11 November 2006 @ 03:56 am
Who: Kali & ?
Where: Terminal City
When: Dawn

Kali had been meandering through the halls for some time now. She was hoping to run into Alec to get the 411 on Benny, though she thought it unlikely that he'd be up and about at this hour. She couldn't help but replay her conversation with Ben over and over in her head. She desperately wanted to know what made the boy so skittish. Sure, Manticore wasn't exactly a picnic and blending in had been hard for some, but Ben seemed to enjoy his life outside from the way he described it...

Kali's train of thought was interrupted as she rounded a corner and ran smack-dab into....
18 October 2006 @ 09:54 am

Where: Terminal City  
When: Early evening
Who: Ben & ?

Ben moved on silent feet through the recently-reinhabited building. Second floor, Max had said, Last door on the left. 

17 October 2006 @ 10:49 am
Who: Max
Where: Terminal City
When: Dusk

Max trolled the roof of the command base. True to her feline DNA, she just couldn't stand still for long. Had to clear her head. Alec, running off into Seattle. This Rachel girl, supposedly dead, now alive and living in Terminal City. Was it just her imagination, or were Logan and Rachel awfully chummy?

Max shook her head and stared up at the flag. She had made her choice. Lying to Logan about a relationship with Alec. Although, with Rachel resurrected from the dead, she wondered how long that lie would last. Alec, always looking to make a deal and didn't care who got hurt along the way, had a soft-spot for the girl. She was beautiful. It wasn't surprising Logan found her alluring...

"Wait," Max jolted herself by speaking out loud. There's no proof of anything going on there. Again, not that it matters to you. Get your head in the game!"

Max stood on the ledge. She could see cops and reporters outside to fence of Terminal City. "I wish I could get outta here," she whispered.

She turned just in time to see...
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